Couture Production Services


We are structured to provide services to both small and large businesses - starting out or growing. CPS accommodates each client with equal amounts of quality, accuracy, provision and attention with communication and an understanding of requests. With our services being manufactured right here in downtown Los Angeles, we own and operate our own facilities as well as outsourcing opportunities - such as for special embellishments or washing - with trusted skills of our local vendors.


Couture Production Services has the capacity to apply its talent to your company's needs from start to finish. CPS will ensure every step of the way, from initial meeting and prototype to a completed and ready-to-be-shipped production order so there is positive, accurate communication of information. At CPS, we will manage your company's designs through all the essential steps necessary to maximize success.


Our services included, but are not limited to:


Some of our clients:

- www.adammarclothing.com

- www.minjiswim.com

- www.neococo.com

- www.oliviajoffrey.com

- www.sugarhighlovestoned.com


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