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We produce our garments in Los Angeles, maintaining control over quality and design while keeping its soul intact. "Locally Made" may seem like an old idea, but for us it is today's reality.

Couture Classic

Our foundation: tailored shirts, pants, and leather jackets. Distinctive fabrics and hand-tailored details.

Founded in 1993 by designer Carlo Gholami, Couture The Clothing Company produces clothing and accessories for men.

Tailored designs always make a statement of personal style. Exquisite fabrics speak to people who love to wear clothes. Colors capture the changing moods of the day.


Handmade, ultra-comfortable t-shirts, hoodies and polos, tailored for self expression.

Designer Carlo Gholami's childhood impressions of Belfast, a city steeped in ancient mysticism, became the vision for a line defined by historical imagery, textured color and timeless comfort.

Belfast moves you into future through the gateways of the past. Each handcrafted piece is a statement for the individual who values tradition while always moving forward.

Republic of Couture [R.O.C.]

Casual fashion: denim, t-shirts and linens.

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We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Please feel free to contact us with any requests or questions.

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